Have you ever imagined managing your own health to reach your high performance?

Pleased to meet you, we are BIOHACKING.AI

We provide cutting-edge software technologies to accelerate and enhance the value created by the most visionary and insightful healthcare professional and biohacker in the market.

A platform that connects you to the latest in Biohacking and Lifestyle.

It is you as the protagonist of health, supported by the most innovative technology.

BIOHACKING.AI is for you!

What we do

  • Optimize your time spent with the patient;
  • Automation of repetitive tasks;
  • Detection of visual signals using only the cell phone;
  • Pattern analysis to discover possible health problems;
  • Extraction of data from scanned documents;
  • Support for creating patient-specific protocols;

After all, what is Biohacking?

It is a method of optimizing your body's performance, which seeks to understand and manipulate your own biology and the stimuli from the environment to achieve maximum physical and mental health and performance.

It is a new, complex, and changing concept.

We focus on the most established components of traditional medicine: Lifestyle Medicine, Human Signal Measurement, and Psychological Performance.

Let's contribute to the transformation of this scenario

Depression*: Over 21.5 MM in 2019.

Hypertension*: More than 13.4MM by 2021.

Obesity*: More than 29MM by 2021.

Diabetes*: More than 4.6MM by 2021.

*People diagnosed in Brazil in the years reported.

The focus of our methodology is on Lifestyle Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Biohacking.

We apply the latest in enabling technologies to help you achieve a high-performance life. 

Main doubts about BIOHACKING.AI

Yes, the platform will be developed for download options on both operating systems as well as in Web format.

Yes, there are several publications on the subject in specialized health journals, periodicals, literary publications by nationally and internationally recognized authors and biohackers, and articles published on the Internet.

This is the terminology used by BIOHACKING.AI, because the meaning of the word protocol describes it as a set of information, decisions, and rules defined from an act, which meets the consciousness of the human being about himself that biohacking uses.

"Biohacking is the art of using technology with the goal of changing the environment both inside and outside the body, to take control of the organism and make it act as desired. "

Dave Asperey

Biohacking.Ai Health and Development | São Paulo - SP